Construction Update – August 10th

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8th Avenue Update for 8/10 – Project Manager: Rachael Love –

Wildish is continuing to wrap up the remaining concrete work along the south side of the street. The following is a summary of what work will be ongoing the remainder of this week and next week.

Wildish will be working on the W Park St southwest corner in front of Cascade Title today and tomorrow to finish up their work in that intersection. W Park St south of 8th Ave will be closed while Wildish is working there and will be re-opened when they finish for the day. 8th Ave in between Oak St and Willamette St will be closed temporarily during this time only when the concrete pour is actively happening, which will last an hour and then the street will be re-opened.

Wildish is also working on the E Park St intersection starting today through next week, E Park St will remain closed during this work due to the limited space with equipment and trucks. 8th Ave between Pearl St and Oak St will continue to remain closed through next week. 8th Ave between Pearl St and Oak St will also remain closed at this time.

There’s a lot of work that is ongoing all at once, the contractors will also continue working on the southeast corner of Oak St for the new traffic signal today through next week. Oak St will remain open during this work. Starting Monday, the contractor will start excavating for the new signal pole at the northwest corner of Pearl St in front of the Lane County courthouse.

Starting next week, we will also have a pipe crew starting to work on stormwater planter excavation. They will mostly be working on Oak St in between N Park St and 7th Ave, Oak St will also remain open during this work.

See the updated construction map which shows which routes will be closed. There is a lot of activity going on along the street, so please be careful and patient as the contractor coordinates access. We appreciate and value your cooperation and patience as we start finishing up the remaining hardscape elements and can start re-opening 8th Avenue. Re-paving the road surface was initially scheduled for next week, but due to availability is being pushed back to the following week, August 22.

High Street Update for 8/10 – Project Manager: Bryan Root –

There will not be much activity in the coming week for High Street while the contractors focus on preparation for phase 2 of the project. Brown Construction anticipates having subcontractors in the area continuing work on striping and installing parking meters. Neither of these activities will alter established traffic control in the area.

As a reminder, bicycle facilities are not accessible on High Street between E Broadway and E 13th Ave. Cyclists commuting on High St are encouraged to use alternative bicycle facilities on Pearl St and Patterson St.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the project managers. Thank you for your continued cooperation and patience!