Authentica Wines

Authentica was established in 2009 to champion the wines of conscientious artisan wine producers from around the world who make wines with a true sense of place and cultural identity. The philosophy that unites these producers is centered around a non-interventionist, organic or biodynamic approach in the vineyard and native fermentations, minimal manipulation and little or no fining and filtration in the winery. In other words, they make wine like it was made for hundreds of years before industrialization and mass production became the rule. The Slow Food revolution, the revival of local farmer's markets and the desire for authenticity by consumers have driven this movement, and increased the demand for wines that speak eloquently of where they come from and the historical/cultural milieu in which they reside. But most importantly, because these artisan wines are exceptionally satisfying both economically and aesthetically, they deserve the attention of every sincere wine lover. Because our wines are all selected based on tasting, long experience with the producer and a thorough knowledge of the region and varietal, an incredibly high percentage of the wines we feature in the Authentica Weekly Newsletter go on to receive extremely high ratings from the wine press and high praise from consumers. For Authentica, it's all about giving our members the highest return for their hard-earned wine buying dollar, and we sincerely believe that small production, artisan wines made with care and integrity do exactly that.